Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Reminder...Open House

Just a reminder for anyone that would like to visit Saint Charles Borromeo Seminary; this Sunday is the annual "Open House". During this time visitors are welcomed to visit the institution's chapels(Saint Martin's Chapel on the lower side & Immaculate Conception Chapel on the upperside). The Ryan Memorial Library is a site not to be missed. Don't forget to view the portraits painted by Thomas Eakins in the college building. There will be tours of the buildings run by the seminarians, as well as liturgical music presentations.
Evening Prayer will be celebrated to conclude the day.
If you want to support future priests of the Church...get out there and at least get to know a few of them as seminarians. an afterthought, Sat. is cassock day at the Seminary. This is the day when the new men are incorporated into the community by wearing a black cassock for the first time. Welcome aboard guys, AD MULTOS ANNOS.